This blog is maintained by Todd Williamson, a 7th grade science teacher and technology enthusiast (ie junkie) who is stepping out of the world of his classroom blog into the big wide world of the educational blogosphere. I am in my 7th year teaching 7th grade science. I have recently begun training with the North Carolina Teacher Academy, am Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescent Science, am a Teacher Leader for the Middle School Portal 2 project, and run a weekly Tech in 20 staff development for my school.

I look forward to learning in this space and making connections to other teachers and technology enthusiasts around the globe!


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  1. Science teachers unite!

  2. Have you had the opportunity to use any of the Vernier probeware with your students? Amazing stuff!


    • I’ve ordered some of the Go! products from them, but they haven’t come in yet. Hopefully soon, although I’m pretty much past the units they’d work well with.

  3. Hi Todd,

    @kellyhines sent me here. I’d like to know more about your Tech in 20 as I am looking to help dev something similar at my school.

    BTW, I’m a native of Harkers Island. Wish I was still Down East a lot lately.


    • Hey Matt,
      Love to talk Tech in 20. In fact, I’ll be doing a session at the NC Middle School Association on the 15th. I’ll be posting notes/video from that session on the blog. The basic idea is to hold a 20 minute scheduled staff development on a weekly basis. I’ve been trying to do a different session each week, but that’s honestly not been an easy task. Not everyone can attend every week, so I’ve used Justin.tv to record the sessions and post them to a Google Site. Lately, some of the sessions haven’t been getting recorded, as attendance has been down due to all the other activities this time of the year. What questions do you have? I’d be glad to address any of them in a future post! Thanks for checking out the site.

  4. Hi, Matt, I found you through Twitter at NCTIES, I think, and notice that you mentioned IMPACT. I am at an IMPACT middle school, and would love to compare notes. I’ll be looking for your notes on your Tech in 20 session. hope it goes well!

    • Actually, Todd, here…glad you find the site and yes we’re in an IMPACT school as well. I’m planning on streaming/recording our session tomorrow so be looking for it to be posted here at the blog! Would love to talk more as well!

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