NCTIES Session Notes: Mind Maps, Brainstorming and Timelines

Richard Byrne
Free Technology for Teachers
Mind Maps, Brainstorming and Timelines: From Paper to Digital

High school social studies and language arts (for 1 year…)
Sketchbook is great for 10 minutes before take off and 10 before landing…then takes screen caps
Mindmapping and webbing has been done for years…just on paper in the past, so how do we update it using technology
If you can draw an idea you can explain that idea
Lee Lefever (Common Craft videos)
Text2Mindmap…outline can become a mind map
Dipity…online timeline maker, collab with others, include multimedia
Other Tools

Online allows us to include multimedia
Allows you to analyze connections
Wallwisher is now Padlet…no login needed for Private wall
Sharing the Gmail +1 trick…add +1 to a teacher controlled email address so students can sign up for accounts that require an email, teacher is the one who sees who is signed up and for what

Pixabay…high quality public domain images…no sign up required

iOS Apps
Penultimate for sketching on iOS…syncs to Evernote
iBrainstorm…has option to “bump” the mindmap to another person running the app, or email it


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