ECU Clinical Teacher Conference Keynote

Northeast Region Teacher of the Year: Vann Lassiter

Long list of accolades for Mr. Lassiter…

Your reach in the classroom is TBD…to be determined

What is my reach?

Trigger dreams – kids have big dreams…we sometimes think they are impossible…Encourage your students to dream and think big…sometimes dreams get deflated, take time and retrigger those dreams in your students

Believe in yourself and your students…you can achieve anything…you may be your students biggest cheerleader…Vann got to teach a new class for students who had failed NC computer test 4 times…ages 14 to 19…held fourth period after lunch…GREAT PLAN…students respond when they know you are there for them…

Demonstrate excellence – what a teacher IS, is more important than what he does…20,000+ moments to impact students throughout the day…what are you doing with those moments? The kids are watching…what are you demonstrating? People will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

Do this and your bucket will overflow!


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