PLN Mixchange

Tonight I caught this tweet from @VenessaMiemis. Very simply:

“i am compelled to make you a mixtape.”

My response was: If you do, rip it to mp3, zip it, and upload it to Megaupload.  I was involved a group a couple of years back where this happened.  I learned a lot about the folks I exchanged mixes with and also expanded my musical horizons.  Due to the questionable legality of such an endeavor, Venessa and I decided this could just as easily take place through sharing Grooveshark playlists.  So, here’s the plan…between now and next Wednesday (In time for Thanksgiving break listening) create a playlist on of between 10 and 15 songs.  It’s up to you how you select the songs. Some ideas:

  • Songs you’ve used in class
  • A mixtape that you actually had at some point
  • A selection of songs you just personally enjoy
  • Songs related to some chosen theme
  • You get the picture…(and if you don’t, you may have never had a mixtape, which is a tragedy in and of itself)

Once you’ve made your mix, post a link to the playlist on Twitter with the tag #PLNMixchange.  As mixes begin to get posted, I’ll compile a list of them here at The Technorate Teacher.  By the way, as a courtesy, if your mix wouldn’t get a “clean” tag in iTunes, can you let that be known up front, and I’ll mark it as such on the compiled post.

Looking forward to learning some of your musical preferences!!  Spread the word!

The Mixes

@Twilliamson15 – Random mix of tracks

@copernicc’s mix


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