K12Online Conference Staff Development

For our monthly IMPACT staff development meeting this time around, we asked each of the teachers in the building to find and watch a session from the K12Online Conference archives that interested them. During the meeting, they each gave a brief presentation on their thoughts from the session and on the conference in general.  Our IMPACT meetings are held during grade level planning time, so I worried that information from each grade level would never make it out of their own meeting.  In an effort to promote continued sharing, I created a Google Form for basic information on the sessions: Title, Summary, #1 Takeaway, Usefulness, and Other Information.  To continue the sharing, I thought I’d post the document here.  Names of those who viewed the sessions have been removed.  Many folks viewed sessions from previous years, a few people gave their takes on the same sessions.

If you’ve never watched any of the K12Online Videos, you’re missing out on an amazing Professional Development experience. After the 2008 Conference, I walked around with about 20 sessions loaded on my iPod Touch for anytime, any place learning. Hopefully these notes will give you a little taste of what some of the sessions are about, and point you in the direction of a few to start your learning. Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Dear Todd,

    Can you please refer me to the link with the archives for the K12 Conference Sessions that are mentioned in the above embedded feedback list. I tried looking for a few, like, Travelling through the dark from the 2008 conf but am unable to locate the presentation. Likewise the others also.

    Would be a great help if you could send me the link where I can find these videos.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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