2010 Pringles Challenge

This year, my students and I are taking up the challenge of organizing the Pringles Challenge. A STEM event that asks students to design a package which will allow the safe transport of a single Pringles potato chip to another school somewhere in the US. The packages will be scored, and receive higher scores for having the smallest mass and volume to safely transport the chip. So far, 15 schools have signed on for this year’s Challenge. If you know a math, science or engineering teacher that might be interested in joining the Challenge, point them toward this site:


Sign-ups run through April 3rd, so there’s still time to get involved!


One Response

  1. Hi Todd,
    I’ve signed up for the Pringles challenge for the first time and wasn’t sure how to contact you, so I’m just putting this question here on your blog and hope you see it. I was just wondering if I’m supposed to have gotten a partner school today. I have checked my email and also the Pringles website, but I can’t find my partner school info. Just in case it’s a mix-up with my email, the first letter is a lower case L, not the number one or capital i. Anyway, thank you so much for organizing this; my kids are excited about it =).


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