NCMSA10: IMPACT and Tech in 20

Below you will find some notes from our session on IMPACT and Tech in 20 at BCMS.  My apologies for not having the video archive that I expected to have from the Live Stream of our session.  Something was wonky with the audio, so unless you want to listen to robotic sounding voices for an hour, I think it’s best kept deep in the archives.

Two Pronged Approach

  • Monthly 90 minute grade level media and technology meetings…
  • Weekly Tech in 20 Sessions on Tuesday afternoons

Monthly Meetings

  • Allow grade level conversations about tools and strategies to be used in the classroom
  • Focus on the use of media and technology within our building
  • Occasionally include guest speakers for additional professional development

Sample Topics

  • Verifying Information on the Web
  • Google Desktop
  • Creating a Voicethread
  • Big 6 Research Method
  • Blogs as a Classroom Webpage

Tech in 20

  • 20 minute sessions held weekly on Tuesday afternoons
  • Sessions are livestreamed and recorded for staff to view at a later date and time
  • Focus on introducing topics that can be discussed deeper during monthly meetings
  • Sessions are archived at

Tools Needed

  • Google Site
  • Livestreaming service like:,, or
  • Webcam (We use a Logitech Quickcam which can be purchased for ~$50)
  • Staff Interest Survey – used to determine the direction of the first sessions of Tech in 20

Below you will find a slidecast of the Tech in 20 portion of our session.  This is the best I could do as a replacement for our botched livestream. Hopefully you will find the information useful in setting up your 20 minute staff development program.

Thanks to all those who attended our session. If you have further questions, please feel free to share them in the comments or email me!


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