NCMSA10: Efficient Communication within the Educational Environment

Thanks to @techtipsPRMS for these notes!!
Here’s my notes on Communication with Chip Buckwell

Efficient Communication within the Educational Environment
KMS Communicates, collaborates, and Learns
Dr. Chip Buckwell- Principal
Kannapolis Middle School- 7-8 Middle School

Efficient Communication within the Educational Environment
KMS Communicates, collaborates, and Learns
Dr. Chip Buckwell- Principal
Kannapolis Middle School- 7-8 Middle School
Let’s go paperless! 100% Paperless for the first staff meeting.  WOW!
Google Tools- Main tool to be paperless
Diigo- bookmarking management tool- saving websites for staff
Schools’ internal website  is housed on Google- school schedule- confidential information, so you must log in to see information.
Morning Announcements, Interesting Articles and Websites, Meeting Notes, ASD assignments, Curr. Resources, planning resources (collaborative). Department Wikis, Examview Resources, Writing Prompts.   (Much like a staff handbook)—ASD rotations, bus schedule, assembly seating assignments, phone lists,
Google forms to schedule academic coaches (Literacy Coach Model)
Schedule is on Google docs.  Created by form that staff completes question are and doc is generated.
Google docs allow for teachers to see real time forms.  No more emailing revisions and several copies saved.
Agendas, Goal Sheets, and Notes from Collaborative Planning Meetings on the site.  – These collaborative meetings are much like a business meeting.  Staff talks about academics, pedagogy, and strategies.  Fueled by the Agenda, and notes are recorded and shared to staff.
Academic coaches use Google tools to ‘keep things run smooth’.
WKMS- news program
-Used to be live:  Now it is a loop.  Totally kid produced show.
Google Calendar- meshes several calendars together, KMS calendar, Coaches calendars, Elm. School calendars, etc.  You must be invited to join a calendar.   USE OF NOT THIS SYSTEM AVOIDS TOO MUCH USE OF INTERCOM SYSTEMS!!! Huraay!
Skyping with “Kelly”- she just finished lunch with David Warick.  Chatting via skype.
Invite several people into the conversation.
“Do you use this more than email?” Yes- it is live and real time.  If I leave her a message, it stays up until she responds.  This tool is very useful and time saving.  The message stays with them until they have time to add to the conversation.  It archives the conversations for later review.
You can video, call or text with Skype.  Just had a conversation with another admin in his district via Skype ‘phone’.
Substitute teacher mounted webcam backwards- and teacher could monitor students while substitute was in the room.
Investigating using it for homebound students.  Set student up with district computer to access internet, and participate in class while sick.
Teacher websites/Team websites:
Home to class wikis- and are able to save projects to the wiki so students are not using up server space! UCPS take note!!
Teachers share plans and resources on wikis. accounts for students
Ourspace accounts- email, chat, blog, other software to communicate and collaborate.
Very effective in keeping students where they need to be, but not fool proof.  Any middle-schooler if given enough time- will find a way to get where they shouldn’t be.
“Its not about the “Stuff” … it’’s about the people.” If you don’t have good people behind the stuff, it’s still a mess.
Take it slow.

Question: How much have you saved?  “We have saved about 40% of our copies—not enough- push past 50%.  40 is a good chunk, and want to do better.  Next year’s copy budget may be less.”
GroupWise: Original email system used before Google revolution!
 In order to have googlewebpage.—requires Gmail account.  All staff needs Gmail account.
Still using GroupWise, just meshing it with google-webpages.
Their best resource was allowing Google be the agent to “house” our stuff.  It no longer slows down their VPN.
Google focused on teachers/staff at first.  Now staff is sending students to it.
Resistant at first.
“Has transformed how I do PD for myself.  Transformed how I read, and what I read.”
People quote edleadership before it gets to your desk.
Retweet- send out to everyone who follows you
and then add address to your diggo account.
DIIGO:  Saves bookmarks online- so if you aren’t on your computer- you can still pull up your pages on any computer.  Email Chip for access to his Diigo account
Twitter Blogs  Google Reader
-allows you to (in one place) capture all the blogs you want to read in ONE PLACE.  MikeFisher- digigogy (digital+pedagogy)
When someone posts to their blog, it is forwarded right to your Google reader.  You can catch up at a separate time.
“Get a good idea about communication in your school, and I promise you- I am not the fastest learner on the planet- when I find something that is this good, and it can transform what we do, and save time- we try it” Dr.Chip Buckwell


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