NCMSA10: 2009 Essential Standards for Middle Grades Mathematics

2009 Essential Math Standards
NCMAC 3/12/10
1:00pm – 2:00pm

by Mary Russel and Robin Barbour

ncdpi site on essential standards

all information for math standards and info current and future can be find at GREAT SITE!

essential standards are the standards NC is moving towards. They are:

        aligned with common core – federal standards for mathematics – NC has adopted common core – and

        RBT verbs(Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy) are used throughout standards – there are few main verbs that have several sub-verbs under each one
sub-verbs are divided into teacher verbs and student verbs
        concentrating on standards as a progression from 6th to 7th to 8th.

        listing of progressions are on the website. GOOD VISUAL OF PROGRESSION ON THE FOLLOWING POWERPOINT

*This year the state says we should be basing our instruction on 2003 NC standard course of study. Essentials standards still need to be voted on.
Keep an eye out for the vote. If voted on today, essential standards would not be implemented until 2011-2012 school year, but it hasn’t been voted on
so it will probably be longer. NEXT YEAR is definitely 2003 standards.*

3 options for students who will take high school courses in middle school:

OPTION 1 (must start in 6th)
6th -100% 6th grade, 50% 7th grade

7th -50% 7th grade, 100% 8th grade

8th -Math A(high school) standards

6th -100% 6th grade

7th -100% of both 7th and 8th

8th -Math A(high school) standards

6th -100% 6th grade

7th -100% 7th grade

8th -8th grade content and Math A(high school) standards 100%


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