New Hardware Questions

For one of my presentations at the Middle Level Essentials conference in April, I’m going to be tackling the idea of getting the most out of hardware in your classroom.  The plan is for us to have a discussion about the best ways to get an increase in learning through the use of hardware tools many schools are purchasing or already have.  Some of the tools I imagine we’ll focus on are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Document Cameras
  • Flip Video Cameras
  • Digital Cameras
  • eBook readers
  • iPod Touch/iPad
  • Student Response Systems
  • Netbooks

With those in mind, plus others that may come up along the way, I want to have some focus questions to guide our discussion.  Here are the ones I’ve come up with, along with some other suggestions:

  • What are the costs of the tools vs. the benefit to the classroom?
  • To what extent does this tool allow creation of content, not just consumption?
  • What are the durability and upkeep issues for this hardware?
  • To what extent does this tool shift the classroom paradigm from teacher centered to learner centered environment?
  • From @jdeyenberg: How does it support student learning, collaboration, and curriculum outcomes?
  • From @jerridkruse: how will this help students meaningfully mentally engage with desired learning goals?
  • Also from @jerridkruse: who will benefit?
  • From @brophycat: How is it going to be used by kids who are learning?

What other questions do you or your staff focus on when discussing the purchase of a new piece of hardware for your classroom or school?


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