More NMSA09 Session Notes

This morning, Shawn McGirr shared his NMSA09 Session Notes with the MiddleTalk listserv. Here’s a link to the notes he took during the conference:

Shawn McGirr’s NMSA09 Session Notes

According to the Notes, Shawn attended the following sessions:

  • Robert Balfanz: Why Middle School Matters
  • Debbie Silver
  • Dr. Monte Tatum: Differentiated Instruction and Technology
  • Todd Johnson: Classroom Discipline “Establishing Respect and Responsibility”
  • John Collins Writing: Four Essential Writing Assignments to Improve Student Achievement
  • Rick Wormeli Keynote

Thanks for sharing your notes with the larger community Shawn!


2 Responses

  1. Todd,

    I really like your blog. Lots of great posts from NMSA09. You gave a lot of information and I am going to study your own session. It looks like it was real cool. I plan on being back often to see your updates on the educational world of technology. Thanks for the kind post on my blog, I am new to it although I have worked in ed tech for at least 15 years. Please feel free to visit my accompanying Wiki at
    I have a lot of in depth resources! Wishing you the very best – Mike

  2. There are three more, but I’m using a notetaking program for the first time and I goobered three of them. When I get them cleaned up I’ll add them to the site.

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