Embedding Teachers

Earlier this morning, Bud Hunt posted a tweet about his plans for the first few weeks of school:Tweet Bud Hunt Embedding

Just a simple planning note, but it got me thinking. My immediate response was this:
Tweet Response to @budtheteacher

Wouldn’t it be awesome if teachers came with an embed code? Imagine, hundreds of teachers using services like uStream or LiveStream and broadcasting their classes/lessons out to the world. A student anywhere with Internet access could just grab the embed code from their favorite science, social studies, math, arts, foreign language teachers and create their own “classroom”. Beyond that, imagine a world where choosing those teachers was as simple as following folks on Twitter. Students could go in and follow the feed of a teacher where links, discussion topics, videos, Q&As were posted. Think something similar to Edmodo, but where students pick the teachers to follow rather than being enrolled in a class.

Granted at some point this would become unwieldy for the teachers as good ones could easily wind up with 100s of students following them. But imagine coupling those two ideas with students creating reflection blogs. The blog could serve as the students “assignment”, documenting the conversations and thinking shifts that would inevitably come from pooling together some of the best technology focused teachers in the world. The environment could easily be synchronous or asynchronous. Lessons could be supplemented with a tool like Elluminate to allow for discussions between groups, even on an ad hoc basis.

Now the downside is, students would have to be motivated enough to go and seek out those teachers broadcasting their lessons. But imagine the power of having many of those in your PLN as embedded teachers in your children’s lives.


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  1. What an amazingly cool idea! And I bet it will be close to real & true in the future, don’t you think?

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