I Know Nothing…

I was thinking about this earlier today while mowing the lawn and listening to Scott McLeod’s discussion with Dr. Lane Mills from ECU.  The discussion turned to higher education faculty and educational leaders feeling as if they can’t say they don’t know something.  This is something I’ve never had an issue with, as I recognize there is a tremendous amount that I want to learn. Being an educator in this day and age is to be just on the edge of spiraling out of touch with the newly available technologies.  Hopefully I’m keeping from dropping totally off the edge of that map.

The post title was inspired by some of the math my brain began to spin while listening to the previously mentioned podcast (thanks to Douglas Adams for the inspiration).  Here is what we know:

  1. I have a finite amount of knowledge.  I have not learned everything their is to know, nor everything I’m interested in knowing.  In fact, there is a rather limited amount of things I have focused on learning.  Though I could not sit and put a number on the things I know, there is without a doubt a finite number to those facts.
  2. In a world where the amount of information is increasing at an amazing rate we are quickly reaching a near infinite amount of knowledge.
  3. If we try to determine a percentage of what I know compared to what their is to know, what happens?
  4. We take what I know (a finite number) and divide it by how much information their is to know (a number approaching infinity)…and if my math skills serve me correctly, any finite number divided by infinity is:


So there you have it…I know nothing, you know nothing, even the two of us together know nothing…and unless you learned something from this post, you now know less than you did before you began reading.  So get over it, recognize we’ve all got a long way to go, and get learning! NOW!


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