NCMSA Preview

The 34th Annual North Carolina Middle School Association Conference is going on Monday and Tuesday and I have just arrived in Greensboro on Sunday evening getting ready for the conference. I’m planning on keeping up with my session notes here on the blog. I’ll also be sending out notices via Twitter where I’m @twilliamson15

At the moment my session schedule looks like this:

  • Videoconferencing Programs for Middle Grades
  • General Session with Bill McBride
  • Either SciMat or Bridging the Science/Literacy Gap or Virtual Field Trips (argh, how am I going to be in 3 places at once?)
  • Investigating Forensic Science in  Middle School or Embracing the Fourth Screen…Cell Phones
  • Inquiry-based Investigations in  Genetics: Crazy Traits or Dirt Cheap Science
  • Turbocharge your teaching with free technology

Tuesday Sessions

  • Homework That Matters and That Kids Will Do – Rick Wormeli
  • Regional meeting
  • Um…yeah, not sure there’s anything during this particular session
  • It’s the Little Things – Effective strategies for handling low-level, high-annoyance behaviors OR Power Teaching

So there you have it…my early choices for sessions I’m planning on attending tomorrow. I will be taking my notes on the blog and injecting my own thoughts in ALL CAPS a la Wes Fryer. Hope you enjoy virtually attending NCMSA 2009!


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