Itemized Education??

This post is not intended to sound as sarcastic as it may come across, it’s just some random musings running through my head after taking our one month old to the pediatrician for his check-up today.  I’m sure I’m not the first one to make this assertion, as many of you have probably seen this:

No Dentist Left Behind

Applying Educational mandates to dentists and physicians makes for humorous looks at our profession, but I think we as teachers should be far more proactive. Rather than suggesting Dentists be held to the same demands as teachers, I think we should demand to have the same respect given to these fine folks and be allowed to provide itemized bills for educational services.

As I look down our itemized list of Services Rendered, I’m struck by one in particular “Vaccination Counsel by MD”.  Our son received his 2nd round of his Hep B vaccine today. The Counsel consisted of “He’ll get his 2nd Hep B today, this one’s pretty painless, we don’t even recommend Tylenol afterward”…that was it.  I’ve given longer answers to questions in class, in fact, I routinely give longer answers to questions in class. Since this item is checked off, I’m sure we were charged for it. The bill isn’t broken down far enough as to give us charges per item, but I’m wondering what would appear on a teacher’s Itemization for daily instruction.

Sections to describe the “Patient”/Student:

  • Established Student: Includes all possible labels like Regular Ed., Special Needs, ADHD, BED, BAD, MEAN, IEP, 504, etc
  • New Student: Increased cost of bringing new students up to speed in the classroom procedures, etc
  • Positive Learning Environment: Charges for maintaining order in the classroom, keeping class running smoothly, having materials organized…
  • Educational Services Rendered: Lectures, Technology Activities, Classwork Assignments, Discussions, Simulations…
  • Questions Answered: Yes/No, Short Answers, Those Involving Personal Research, Scheduling Questions, Daily Procedure Questions…
  • Assessments: Formative, Summative, On-Going…
  • Special Procedures: Videoconferences, Field Trips, Assemblies, Unannounced Visitors, Guest Speakers, Lab Activities…
  • Disciplinary Actions: Additional cost based on severity of infraction and resulting action taken…
  • Equipment Used: Charges for the use of textbooks, technology equipment, pencils/paper loaned…
  • Diagnosis: On track, Seek Outside Consultation, Transfer to Specialist, Transfer to another Teacher…

This of course brings up very interesting questions about Educational Insurance, Universal Education, Malpractice Suits, etc…

Oh well, food for thought 🙂


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