Serious Games

Tossing this one out there for some thoughts from you all.  I’ve been interested for some time in the idea of Serious Gaming in the classroom. I’ve actually even used a few games with my students.  I’m thinking about doing a short series of posts on some of my favorite Serious Games thus far.  The question is: what games are you using in your classroom?  Here are some links to some of my favorites, to be tackled more in detail soon:


Planet Green Game

3rd World Farmer

EdHeads Knee and Hip Surgeries

Jason Project: Monster Storms Digital Labs

No Limits Coaster – retail, not online

Please pass along any links of which you are especially fond. I’m partial to middle school and science games, but know there are a ton of great Social Studies games out there as well.


2 Responses

  1. These are fabulous: I have used them every year since I found out about them. They deal with diseases and epidemiology.

    Rice has also made these about forensics: I haven’t used the forensics ones with students yet, but I was playing one myself the other night and got addicted. It was cool.

    Lots of mini-games on various subjects my kids enjoy doing:

    Here is a blood typing game. STudents have done the blood typing game, and there are other games linked on the side of this page that I haven’t explored:

    I’m not sure if you would call these “games” per se, but some of them are certainly interactive simulations and such. They cover wide range of genetics topics:

  2. I have used eLECTIONS in middle school classrooms several times. Students learn a lot about the entire election process. My middle school students had many questions about the vocabulary, which was great because it meant that they cared about meanings and wanted to find out more before they made decisions. The game has been improved several times, and I had just as much interest in non-election years.

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