Unleashing the Wind, part four

I had originally thought this would be my last post in the MSI Wind series, but I’m thinking I’ll do a final wrap up post with links, etc.

The scary part of the process came when I found out I needed to be running OS X 10.5.6 for iWork ’09. The base install from MSIWindOSx86 set me up with 10.5.4 and everything was working just fine.  I’ve worked with computers enough to know that when things are working fine, you probably shouldn’t mess with them.  However, the curious part of my brain prevailed.  I used the following post as a guide for updating to 10.5.5 and then 10.5.6:

MSIWindowsx86.iso to 10.5.6 No problems at all !!! UPDATED

The 10.5.5 update went very smoothly, and I didn’t lose my 1024×600 resolution, but I did lose Photobooth. Updating the video card drivers as listed in the post got Photobooth back up and running like it was before.

The 10.5.6 update had the most headache of the whole process, which was still not very much.  I installed the update and rebooted, and as I was warned in the post had no working keyboard or trackpad.  I plugged in my USB mouse and keyboard and then started running the kext files to get them back.  After I had my keyboard and mouse back it was a simple install of some three video kexts and the video card drivers again.  Everything else appears to be working properly and I have  gotten iWork ’09 up and running.

I’ve been given some suggestions for programs to run, and have been figuring out how to hide the dock, modify Firefox menus, etc to maximize my limited screen real estate.  If anyone else has suggestions for must have software programs to run on the Mac side, please let me know.  Wes Fryer has a great list available here and I will be borrowing greatly from this list.

One final, wrap up post to come about this entire experience.  I think I have a lot to say still and hopefully it’ll be worth reading.


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