Unleashing the Wind, part three

Wind OS X 001Well folks, we’re getting down to the end of this process now 🙂  In my last post I was waiting for GParted to finish shifting the partitions of my hard drive. That went off without a hitch and was much easier than expected.

From here, I set about a final reading of a number of installation methods for OS X on the Wind. I finally settled on this one:

Another Almost Idiot Proof Guide to OS X dual boot on WIND

The guide there acutally is fairly idiot proof, as evidenced by my ability to follow the instructions. I had to use method B in step 24 to get past the HFS+ boot error and boot into XP.  I quickly fixed it so I could choose to boot into either XP or OS X when I turned the computer on, then began looking at updates to the software on the OS X side.

I installed the drivers to get the wireless card working and then set about downloading updates for the OS.

Known Issues:

  • Webcam not working in Photobooth, **EDIT: Quicktime update fixed this**
  • Headphone jack not working, known fix for this issue
  • Internal mic not working, no known fix at this time
  • Still using Canadian keyboard, waiting for US keyboard to arrive

Overall, this has been a surprisingly painless operation. I still have quite a bit of software to install on the OS X side, plus some updates to software on the Windows side.  Next post will detail software and the update to OS X 10.5.5.


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