Unleashing the Wind, part two

Well, I’ve done quite a bit of work with the Wind today, but little of it is noticeable from the outside.  Much of today’s work has been “under the hood” if you will.

I started by installing an extra 1GB of RAM, a process that took all of 5 minutes from start to finish. Most of that time was in trying to get the packaging open for the RAM. The back of the Wind came off easily after removing the 9 screws holding it on, and there was a big empty spot right in the middle of the motherboard for the RAM upgrade. Popped it in place, replaced the back, rebooted and was immediately pleased to see 2GB of RAM show up in my System Profile.

The next task was updating the BIOS. There’s something quite unnerving about watching your computer say “Deleting BIOS” and then having to wait through the installation of the new upgrade. Those were probably the longest 100 percentage points of my life. After finishing the upgrade, I had no keyboard functionality, but knew that was possible thanks to my new best friends in the netbook world…

If you are considering a netbook, I strongly encourage you to go with an MSI Wind.  If for no other reason than for the amazing community that exists over at www.msiwind.net The community in the forums over at that site is fantastic for posting detailed walkthroughs for just about anything you would want to do to your Wind. Many times there are multiple perspectives on installation, upgrades, bug fixes, etc that just haven’t existed in other sites I’ve visited in the past.

My final step for the evening is preparing the hard drive for my OS X install.  The drive was initially partitioned into 3 sections: a recovery partition (~4 GB), the main Windows XP partition (~40 GB) and a storage partition (~110 GB).  I felt I needed a little more for my XP partition, as that is my primary operating system comfort zone. So I searched around for ways to resize the partitions without having to format the disc.  The folks over at MSIWind.net recommended GParted, the GNU Partition Editor.  I was surprised at just how simple the GUI proved to be for this program. I’m currently awaiting the partition shift to finish and then will begin the process of Mac-ing my PC 🙂

Will continue to update as things progress.


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