7 Things You Might Not (Need to) Know About Me

I was tagged by Kelly Hines for this meme and have avoided it for long enough…Not sure there are really 7 things you’ll care to learn about me here, but I’ll try 🙂

1. I’m the father of 2 fantastic children and have an amazing wife. She’s a 1st grade teacher and keeps me grounded on elementary education issues so I don’t move too far into a secondary mindset. It’s wonderful to have a partner who totally understands education and the mind of an educator. My thoughts on education have changed rapidly since having children, which I think happens to all in that situation.

2. I started off my trek into education as a Music Ed major. A 1st semester of 21 hours, 2 zero-credit hour courses, and tons of practice left me enjoying music less and I decided I better enjoy what I was going to do after graduation.

3. I immediately switched to Middle Grades education and have thrown my focus entirely toward that age group. I love teaching 7th grade, though it started off as the last place in the world I wanted to be.

4. I’m still a music fanatic. I own over 2300 cds. Not even beginning to take into account records, tapes, and my digital music collection. I have also attended over 120 concerts by various bands, though the number has significantly decreased since having children 🙂

5. In high school, I was the kid with duct taped shoes. I had an old pair of Adidas Samba’s that I dearly loved. When the soles began to fall off I saved them by completely covering them in duct tape. I also had a duct tape wallet and hat. I still believe Duct Tape is like The Force…it has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

6. I am an active member of the National Middle School Association’s MiddleTalk listserv. In fact, it is still my “go-to” PLN. I’m surrounded by some of the brightest minds in middle grades education and actually read the listserv digest before the newspaper each morning.

7. My favorite book of all time is Ender’s Game…and the subsequent sequals, though the original is without a doubt the best science fiction novel ever 🙂

Now tagging a few othes in my PLN (apologies if you’ve previously been tagged):





@cbrannon (if @gardenglen didn’t already tag you)


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  1. Thanks for the tag! I was wondering what I was going to do tomorrow! Have a happy new year!

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